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     Flamenco Instuctor/guitarest/teacher     






Tony Rivera, life-long Flamenco artist and music educator, is now working at Old Tappan Music and Arts Center. Educating, musicians for the past 25 years, Rivera's forte is guitar instruction - including acoustic, electric and bass.

Considering himself the ever-evolving student, Rivera continually seeks way to advance his performing and educational abilities. Since 2005, Rivera has been combining the latest in computer technology into his teaching curriculum, supplementing his refined teaching abilities with one of the industry's most sophisticated guitar programs. This technique not only enhances each of his lessons, but also keeps younger, computer savvy students intrigued and excited about the guitar. In addition, Rivera maintains a student logbook, supplementing reports with digital images of each student's progress, employing physiological diagnostics that aid in critiquing and escalating each student's development.

Joining the Old Tappan Music and Arts Center in May, Rivera brings his unique musical styles to the Residents of Northern Bergen County. Rivera thoroughly covers all subject matter, including music theory and staff and chord chart reading. Rivera provides each student with individualized points of motivation and obtainable objectives to encourage growth. In addition, Rivera has developed a chord specific teaching methodology, created his own teaching curriculum and developed a teaching system tailored toward challenging, attention deficit and neurologically challenged students. Rivera prides himself in providing clear instruction and overview and develops well-thought out plans for each lesson.

A resident of Bergen County, NJ, Rivera is an accomplished Flamenco guitarist. Studying under the tutelage of guitar legends Dennis Koster, Emilio Prados, Mario Escudero and Juan Orozco, Rivera is a graduate of both the Juan Orozco School of Flamenco Guitar and the American Institute of Guitar. Additionally, Rivera cultivated his own style of music, Flamenco Blues, combining the best of New Orleans and Chicago Blues with the bold flavor of Flamenco guitar playing, re-creating classic rock songs, as well as original compositions, infusing each piece with its own Flamenco Blues style, stirring intense emotions in its audiences.

Performance venues have included the Pentagon and Newark Cathedral; the Knitting Factory, Tobacco Road, and the Cutting Room in New York City; 91 Main, Colleen's, and Ramapo Valley Brewery in New York; and Bourbon Street, CrossRoads, and Hansel's in New Jersey. Rivera has performed on behalf of Guitars for Life, NJ Transit, and such charities as the Red Cross and Toys for Tots and has performed with such nationally known musicians as Billy Bang (legendary fiddle player), Willy Calhoun (Living Colour), Vassar Clements Band, Tom Chapin, Stanley Jordan, Buddy Miles, and Michael Powers.




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Tony Rivera
teaches both privately and at following schools:


For lessons  CALL 1-973-772-9407

or email at

-- New Jersey Native Tony Rivera Available for Guitar and Piano Lessons --


Tony Rivera, life long Flamenco Blues artist and music educator, is available for music lessons throughout the fall season.  Educating musicians for the past 20 years, Rivera educational fortes are guitar, including acoustic, electric and bass, and piano instruction.  In addition, as a musical performer for the past 28 years, Rivera is available for band consulting, advising on performance improvements, band dynamics, presentation and logistics.  Available on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, Riveraís lessons are $65/hour and his band consulting services are available for $85/hour.  A graduate of both the Juan Orozco School of Flamenco Guitar and the American Institute of Guitar, Rivera studied under the tutelage of Emilio Prados, Mario Escudero (who inspired Paco de Lucia), and Mr. Juan Orozco himself and, while at AIG, Rivera studied under the most sought after Flamenco guitar teacher for the past 20 years, Dennis Koster (author of Keys to Flamenco Guitar).    In addition, Rivera has extensive training in the blues and has educated himself on various styles, from various teachers.


For lessons  CALL 1-973-772-9407


 Currently, Rivera leads the Tony Rivera Band.  With much encouragement from fans, friends and music afficiadianos, Rivera plays his guitar with some of the best musicians he has the privilege to perform with, delivering contemporary and recognizable Classic Rock and Roll in a truly unique Flamenco Blues fashion.  The bandís repertoire of songs includes melodies from the Grateful Dead, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and other classic rock artists.  While primarily entertaining audiences with cover music, the band re-creates classical rock songs, infusing each melody with its own Flamenco Blues style, drawing out intense emotion from the audience.



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 For more information about Tony Rivera or to schedule lessons,

Call 1-973-772-9407, or email at

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